Amethyst Bio-Mat

The BioMat


You simply lie on this warm mat and feel its benefits. Many people report feeling a deep relaxation on the mat; others feel it revitalizes and re-energizes them. 

These three healing elements support the body to gain balance and optimal health. 


The BioMat has been shown to

  • Treat chronic pain

  • Support core body temperature

  • Speed the healing of joints and tissue

  • Improve circulation 

  • Detoxify

  • Boost immune system

  • Promote deep relaxation

  • Improve sleep

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Elevate mood


We offer Amethyst Bio-Mat healing sessions, and you can also purchase your own Bio-Mat for a life-long healing experience and health benefits.


​Call 207-975-1504 or email to schedule an appointment or to purchase your own mat.


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