Functional Medicine Coaching


Why Functional Medicine Coaching?

Functional Medicine Health Coaching (FMHC) is a science-based process of change, and a progressive adjunct to conventional health and well being. Coaches partner with clients who are self-directed, who seek lasting change in the root causes of stress and lifestyle that challenge your ability to thrive. Coaching is a tool that makes behavioral changes easier, and more successful. It is a bold investment with the potential to reap great rewards


Together we will discuss these lifestyle areas and methods of finding balance:


  • Identify and reduce stress
  • Eating for optimal health
  • Restorative sleep, relaxation
  • Daily movement / exercise
  • Cultivating meaningful community / social interactions
Research indicates that most of poor health can be improved by lifestyle modifications. Quite simply, it is not enough to know that you need to change, but that you know how, and research proves change is more successful with a coach!
As your Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, my role is to guide you in creating and shaping your path for change. I will assist in bridging the gap between what your doctor suggests, what you know you need, and what actually makes sense in your life right now. These small daily changes are key to succeeding in your larger vision of health.


Coaching Services

20 minute meet and greet introduction to coaching  FREE

Individual Session  $75

5-Session Start up  $300.00
A 5-session Start up includes one 90-minute foundation session and 45-minute follow up sessions; as well as educational links and tips, and weekly texts to check in.

10-Session Follow up & Follow Through Package  $600.00

The 10-Session Follow up & Follow Through Package begins with one 90-minute foundation session and continues with nine, 45-minute follow-up sessions. In addition you will be supplied with educational links and tips and weekly texts to check in.

Group Coaching for 6 people / 6 weeks  $35/person/per week

Coaching "A La Carte"

1 hour $75.00

½ hour $55.00

$15 service fee for virtual sessions


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“The coach is the catalyst for behavior change”” —Patrick Hanaway, MD