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"Kate and I worked together this summer on my insomnia  and other issues. She asked great questions, gets right to the heart of the matter, and best of all, I felt heard every step of the way."  —Sue Crane
"Kate is great, Severe allergies and exposure to mold resulted in a rash of supplements to be taken at intervals throughout my day. I was overwhelmed and found it difficult to adhere to the prescribed treatment. In addition, my "to do" list snowballed into a blizzard of unmanageable chores. Kate's approach & support helped me develop a wellness routine  and a "to do" list that works. I'm back on track, and feeling better every day."  —Amy Lowry

"I truly cannot recommend Kate more highly.  My daughter's face swelled terribly last spring and we could not figure out why.  We went to traditional doctors, acupuncture, osteopaths and homeopaths.  Nothing was helping her poor face.  I had a gut feeling it was something emotional, but certainly couldn't put my finger on it.  A friend recommended Kate.  Kate was patient and thorough with my daughter.  She identified three emotional blocks and offered two remedies along with some specific food elimination.  After a few weeks on the remedies (which we later referred to as truth serum!) my daughter was able to release her big worry to me - which aligned exactly with the emotional blocks Kate had identified!  Within days, her face cleared up entirely.  It is empowering to know more about how my daughter holds and expresses emotions, and to have tools to help her work through them.  I feel so lucky that we have met Kate!"   —Katie Urey


"As someone who had no prior experience with the CSA, I still cannot get over how incredibly accurate, insightful, and life-changing a test it is.  Honestly, I feel like an improved person, and one who is now equipped to take better care of my physical and mental health.  Without question, the CSA gave me more knowledge than any of the numerous (and I mean numerous) doctor's appointments - western, eastern, and otherwise!"  —Julia Provonchee

"I am always pain free when I get off of (the Amethyst Bio-Mat), and that lasts anywhere from 2-4 hours, occasionally longer. To some that might not seem like a big deal, but since I have been in constant pain since that last surgery 6 years ago, it is a huge deal to me.  I find it also helps with the low level anxiety that chronic pain brings on, I had forgotten what relaxed feels like.  I also like it because it is warming, but not hot, and not hot is great in this weather!  It really has made a difference in my life and activity levels."   —Kristin